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Faith Leap: So, Why Do You Believe That?

by Bill Yeargin


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What if you had to explain in simple, but clear, and convincing terms why you are a Christian? Could you do it?

Or if you are not a Christian, have you looked closely at the evidence for Christianity?

Faith Leap, CEO, bestselling author, and popular international speaker, Bill Yeargin, explains in a clear and easy-to-understand manner why he is a Christian.

Yeargin uses fascinating stories from his travels around the globe to demonstrate evidence of God everywhere. He uses the story of Jesus’ teachings, resurrection, and impact over the last 2,000 years to explain why Jesus is God.

Faith Leap is packed with profound insights and information that will:

  • Connect readers to their faith in God
  • Offer new ways to view God’s role in everyday life
  • Demonstrate ways to communicate the importance of faith with others
  • Provide unwavering evidence of Christianity and its teachings

Whether you are a Christian, considering becoming one, or a committed nonbeliever,
Faith Leap will expand your thinking and give you a new perspective on Christianity.