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Amazing Woman Divine Legacy: A New Era of Feminine Prosperity

by Marsh Engle,Melissa Belongea,Sandra Girouard


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When a woman opens the radiance of her heart,

all doubts drop away and what remains is

the wealth of her divine legacy.


AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY gives you access to the most intimate of life-lessons and potent teachings from a collective of influential mentors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and impact makers who offer a transformational exploration into the ways they are liberating a wealth of feminine prosperity. Learn how to excel in business, relationships, self-healing, self-love, and manifesting your own Divine Legacy... overcoming draining self-doubt, confusion, self-judgment, and discouragement.

You will also learn:

·       Ways to create inner harmony... amplifying a balance between the wisdom of heart and a stilling of the mind.

·       Ways to set free the ability to rapidly transcend perceived limitations and diminished self-confidence.

·       Ways to turn up the volume of our intuition... the sacred link to the true expressive wisdom of the heart.

·       Ways to unlock the power to immediately shift into the ability to create and fuel a passion for making a difference in the world.


 Flourishing in an unshakeable confidence ... reclaiming of our voices ...

acting upon our highest potentials ...

being wholeheartedly seen, heard, and celebrated ...

When the inspiration moved me to bring together a collective of AMAZING

WOMEN who would co-author AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY, I had no idea of the mystical journey we were about to enter into together. And what I mean by mystical is the opening that occurs when barriers drop away and feminine consciousness finds its way into words.


The vulnerability of the words spoken onto the pages of AMAZING WOMAN DIVINE LEGACY give us pause to consider a new way of creating and thriving ... stepping out of the hustle and grind culture ... stepping into a prosperity that can only happen when we heal the feminine wounds that dim the light of our sacred confidence, steal our sense of worth, and diminish the radiant wealth of our divine legacy.