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Power of Community: Courage, Compassion & Collaboration Leads to Success

by Seema Giri,Tracie Root,Carolyn Pistone,Dr. Sandra K. Breece,Terry A. Sayre,Sherry DuFault,Narelle A. Sheehan,Kathleen Mitchell,Elaine Williams


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In Power of Community, these remarkable women Tracie Root, Carolyn Pistone, Dr. Sandra K. Breece, Terry A. Sayre, Narelle A. Sheehan, Sherry DuFault, Kathleen Mitchell, and Elaine Williams share their stories, insights, and expertise on community building, offering invaluable lessons and inspiration for readers everywhere. Their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives enrich the tapestry of the book, showcasing the power of collaboration and the importance of amplifying women's voices in all areas of life.

Dive into the transformative world of
Power of Community: Courage, Compassion & Collaboration Leads to Success. Authored by experts in community success, this book unveils the secrets behind thriving communities. Discover the strength in diversity, shared resilience, and collaborative courage that fuel extraordinary achievements.

A must-read for those seeking inspiration and guidance in building impactful communities.
Join this diverse group of voices and unlock the boundless potential that lies in the Power of Community.