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Increase On the Sudden: Swing Trading the Forex

by J.D. Hyter


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Does the market tend to reverse as soon as you enter a trade position?

Do you find yourself losing by one Tick, Point, or Pip?

Does it seem like trading indicators work for everyone else but you?

If so, then you are probably a victim of bad common trading knowledge that is taught by big money institutions.

Many struggling traders do not understand that they have been taught how to trade by the very institutions they are competing against.

Big money institutions flood the financial markets with bad common trading knowledge to trap new and uninformed traders.

You can change your trading journey for the better by learning how to read price charts without indicators.

The Forex market and every other market moves in a certain market cycle. When you learn this market cycle, you can begin trading with big money instead of being prey to big money.

If you learn the financial market cycle, you will begin to Increase on the Sudden.