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She Built It!: Inspiring Strategies and Stories for Women in Business

by Angela Sedran,Rachel Wing Man,Jenny Godfrey,Michelle Huntington,Heather Disher,Polina Kesov,Jo Cooper,Sophie Firmager,Cristina Santangelo,Sue Ann,Suzanne Rath


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“She Built It: Stories and Strategies for Women in Business” is a tribute to the resilience, creativity, and power of women who have carved their paths in various industries. This collection shares the extraordinary journeys of women who have faced challenges and emerged stronger, offering inspiration and practical advice.

Discover the powerful stories of women whose experiences of perseverance and determination illuminate the path for others. These narratives are enriched with strategies that demonstrate how to navigate the often turbulent waters of professional life with steadfastness and self-belief.

Angela Sedran: Resilience in the Face of Loss

The personal story of Angela Sedran, overcoming profound loss and adversity to reclaim her life and finances, underscores the indomitable spirit of a woman who refuses to be defeated or defined by circumstances.

Michelle Huntington: Soaring Above Stereotypes

Michelle Huntington exemplifies how determination can shatter the glass ceiling—even the one that looms in the skies. As an airline captain, Michelle broke through gender barriers to prove that the cockpit is no place for gender biases.

Heather Disher: From Pain to Power

Heather Disher turned a life-threatening experience into a catalyst for personal and professional transformation, building successful businesses that embody her strength and resilience.

Jo Cooper: A Stand for Justice

Jo Cooper’s journey through the corridors of the Supreme Court underscores the profound impact of advocating for justice and integrity, setting a precedent that extends beyond the personal to the societal.

Sue-Anne Wilson: Transforming Trauma into Mission

Driven by her challenging childhood, Sue-Anne Wilson dedicated her life to supporting parents, using her past as a foundation to build supportive communities and empower parents globally.

Rachel Wingman: Beauty from Adversity

Rachel Wingman’s journey from a struggling teenager to a beauty empire mogul shows how personal challenges can lead to entrepreneurial success and global influence.

Polina Kesov: Rising from Ashes

After losing her male business partner, Polina Kesov faced sceptics who doubted her ability to succeed as a woman alone. Her story is a beacon for anyone who finds themselves underestimated by others' narrow expectations.

Sophie Firmager: Corporate Skills to Compassionate Business

Sophie Firmager transitioned from a high-flying corporate career to founding a business that aligns with her passion for helping others, demonstrating the power of aligning her career with personal values.

Jenny Godfrey: Marketing Mastery through Adversity

Jenny Godfrey built her marketing empire not only because of her trials but also because of how personal stories can power professional achievements.

Suzanne Rath: Advocacy through Adversity

After a severe accident, Suzanne Rath turned her ordeal into advocacy, establishing holistic health clinics and promoting community well-being.

Cristina Santangelo: Self-Realisation to Service

Realizing her corporate career was unfulfilling, Cristina Santangelo found her true calling in empowering women, combining passion with profession to help others shine.

Conclusion: A Collective Journey of Empowerment

Each story in this collection celebrates individual achievements and forms a mosaic of encouragement that speaks to the heart of every woman striving to make her mark. This book is not just a read; it’s a movement towards self-belief, resilience, and transformation.

Join the Movement

Let these stories inspire you to push boundaries and embrace your potential. This book is dedicated to every woman with a dream, reaffirming that you can build your path to success with belief and resilience.