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Pick Your Path: 21 Days to Set Your Mental Autopilot on the Right Course

by Elizabeth Mahusay,Sheri Bell,Fred Mahusay


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The year was 2010. My husband, Fred, and I took a step of faith and relocated from Tampa, Florida, to Dallas, Texas. We thought the move, which would require us to restart our two commission-based businesses, would be easy. But it was so hard! This difficult period challenged me to really live out what I had been teaching my sales team for many years: Our thoughts influence our results!

Our thoughts put us on the path that creates the results we see in our lives. Each day we’re given numerous opportunities to change our path. For example, I could have given up and chosen the path of defeat (“This is too hard!”). Instead, I doggedly chose positive thoughts, which created the beliefs and expectations that fueled my actions and results. Success is very much a mind game!

Out of this season of challenge I developed my signature keynote, Pick Your Path, How to Set Your Mental Autopilot on the Right Course. This book, the first in a series of practical guides for picking our path, focuses on building the habit of better thinking.

This book contains 21 insightful lessons that can serve as stepping stones for harnessing the power of your thoughts. The real-life examples and reflection questions at the end of each section will help you to gain deeper insights into your thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. You will finish the book better equipped to make deliberate choices and actions that will help keep you on your path of success.

You may have noticed that the front cover features a paper airplane. Paper airplanes begin with a flat sheet of paper that has the potential to be folded into any desired shape. To create an airplane, we need to fold, press, and pinch the paper into a shape that can actually fly. It must become aerodynamic. The same is true of our thoughts. When we choose the right thoughts and actions, we, too, can fly! And we can continually adjust, as needed, to stay in the air.

This 21-day challenge can fuel your career, improve your relationships, and enhance every aspect of your daily life. They’ve worked for me, but also for so many of my business associates and clients. I look forward to hearing how they work for you!