Maria Jeanne Dompierre


Last seen: 27 Aug 2019

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Maria Jeanne Dompierre is a qualified social pedagogue, author, speaker and seminar leader. As an expert in meditation, holistic health and bioenergetics she passes on her extensive knowledge in lectures and courses in Germany, Scandinavia, and England.

At age 23, she was taught the art of Zen meditation and practiced meditation to further refine and develop that mentality. Over the years, she led her developmental path from Zen, through various Buddhist and yogic directions, to Three Radiance Meditation.

She advises companies, organizations and individuals to achieve a waking spirit, awareness, and vitality to fulfill various goals and help them to overcome crises.

For more than ten years, she has trained people in her institute who want to teach and work in their own consulting practice. Although she practices and teaches bioenergetic healing methods such as Reiki herself, she is still quite critical of the usual esoteric scene.

Her expertise lies in developing from old practices - specifically those from other cultures - strategies suitable for everyday use that can be easily integrated into the Western lifestyle of the 21st century with all its complex requirements. Thanks to modern technology, their broad and international audience reaches them through instructional videos, audio recordings, webinars, podcasts, and live social media broadcasts.

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