The Foundation For Everything

The Founder stage is your foundation. If your foundation is shaky, then the whole concept will be unstable as well. Most people spend very little time in this area and never commit the few hours required to really figure out their big picture strategy. Don't be one of them!

The Secrets of Advertising

The power of words is a force you should never trivialise. The more your target audience sees your company name in association with a product or service of considerable worth, the more likely they will frequent your business.

What Are The Best Ways to Make a Fortune?

Wealth is very often linked to exclusive ownership or control of a particular product or service, rather than being a part of someone else's business model. One of the insider secrets to making millions is doing everything possible to minimise circumstances beyond your control. 

How to Predict The Behaviors of Others

What if you could predict how your prospects and staff would react in various circumstances? The study of human nature is highly recommended for any entrepreneur who wants to succeed. If you can understand how people tick, you will sell more products and services and, at the same time, have more productive and engaged staff. 

Five-Time #1 International Best Selling Author, John North

John North is a versatile and experienced entrepreneur with a solid background in Accounting, Banking, Finance, Personal Development, IT, Marketing and Business Management. 

John has Five #1 Best Selling Books about business strategy, internet marketing, and his passion for Squash. John currently holds a number of titles, including CEO of Evolve Systems Group, Associate Diploma in Business (Accounting) and Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants.

John’s passion is to help business owners become more strategic and smarter about their marketing efforts. He constantly pushes the envelope of what’s possible in this modern era and is widely regarded among his peers as very innovative and highly creative in his approach. 

In the digital era of the business world, internet marketing is the ruling king. Not only does it broaden your company’s reach but also ensure its brand’s visibility, but it can also generate prospects and even turn them into loyal customers.

John has created as a platform to enable him to help thousands rather than hundreds of entrepreneurs. He believes anyone can follow a system to success but the missing keys are implementation and accountability. The new platform allows the member to immerse fully into the program, track their tasks and be able to get feedback from peers, mastermind members or experts.

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