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Welcome to The Evolveprenuer Podcast Channel!   [ connect with Andy here ] John North's special guest is Andy Falco who is a 6 time best selling author who has become an expert on the new Facebook Live Platform where anyone can broadcast live to the world on their phone.

Andy hosts The Facebook Live TV Show which is a show that covers everything about Facebook Live. Andy has just released his new product called CreateIT LaunchIT Profit check it out here. ]

Limited Time Offer This is an incredible offer that you do not want to miss out on. For only $9.99 a month you will watch and learn how to create a product or value added program with ongoing training to keep you up to date. Can you imagine what it would be like to Make Money While YOU Sleep?

I know you have something in you that is just burning to get out. And you know there is someone, if not many people, who need what you know. One of, if not THE MOST effective way of delivering your knowledge and profiting from it is through an online program. You can charge a one time, monthly fee or annual fee. Or you can make it for free and add value to another product or service you offer. Join this private group and watch as I create two products and share all you need to know to do the same thing. I will show you all the equipment; the processes and programs to create and awesome product. Let's get started now. Watch the video to learn more! The click the button below to get started.
  • Learn how to Create an Online Product
  • See what equipment you need to get started
  • See what equipment you need to go pro
  • Learn the process for creating a product that sells
  • Learn how to create awesome graphics
  • Determine the Message for your Market
  • How to speak on camera
  • Proper lighting of filming a product
  • What CRM is best for Launching a product
  • What 3rd pary applications do you need
  • What are the best practices
  • Continuous training and resources
  • And MORE!!!
check it out here. ] 

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