EP48: [Adam Johnson] Belief is Powerful


Welcome to the Evolvepreneur Podcast Channel. My very special guest today is Adam Johnson.

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Adam Johnson is the co-founder of both the Facebook Group Real Estate Roundup, Wholesale Hackers YouTube channel, and the Hattiesburg-Area Real Estate Investors Group, focusing on house wholesaling, land buying, and real estate investing education.

He also has spoken to numerous Real Estate Investment groups and has been featured on podcasts, such as: CarrotCast, BiggerPockets, and Wholesaling Houses Elite. Between online mentoring and live events, Real Estate Roundup and Wholesale Hackers have helped thousands of beginner, intermediate, and experienced real estate investors grow their portfolio, scale up their business, generate leads, and proactively invest in their business to be able to quit the nine to five grind.

Raised in Mississippi, Adam “Big Sip” Johnson is one of the best educators in negotiating, creative financing, and wholesaling real estate. His techniques have helped many businesses across the country hit new milestones and become viable businesses for their owners.

Along the way to becoming a real estate authority, he founded insurance, tax, and restaurant businesses. In insurance, his agency grew by double digits each year and received the biggest bonus check paid out in the state of Mississippi for his parent company. Owning a tax preparation business, it grew the number of clients and revenue by more than 20%.

He now makes his home in Southern Mississippi with his fiancée Kathryn Grace, and is focused on growing his platforms and businesses in the wholesaling and rental housing markets.

Some key topics covered in this episode include:

  • Time is more important than money
  • Focusing on serving others
  • Balance & purpose is better than dollars

To find out more, check out Adam Johnson's Evolvepreneur Profile here.

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