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Welcome to The Evolveprenuer Podcast Channel! John North interviews Jim Miller about converting your consulting into high ticket sales. Jim specializes in helping COACHES, CONSULTANTS & TRAINERS Develop and Launch High Ticket Offers, using our High Ticket ProAction VFT Formula For Coaching Success.

His program is designed to help YOU effortlessly attract your ideal clients at a premium price into a High Ticket program without exhausting your precious resources, even if you have no clue where to begin. Jim has over 20+ years professional B2B selling experience and his known for Hunting and landing Apple, Inc.

He has sold over $100 Million in products and services. Jim works with Coaches, Consultants & Trainers with a powerful vision of their future who want to achieve it faster and more profitably building online automated sales funnels with High Ticket offers. Jim believes you should work with only the best, most motivated clients who WANT to learn from you and grow. His formula will help you build your High Ticket process and have it up and generating revenue in 6 to 8 weeks without complicated tech or a fancy website

READY TO TALK? Ping me here or set up a call: http://meetme.so/jimmiller

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