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Welcome to Evolvepreneur podcast channel and special guest today is Raul Hernandez Ochoa who s a business strategist, coach, and consultant. He has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs through live seminars, online programs, and private masterminds. He’s played a key part in helping scale businesses and has overseen hundreds of online advertising campaigns. His work has helped positively impact the lives of his clients and the teams he’s helped flourish. He lives in San Diego and is loving life with his family. When he’s not working and drinking a homemade cold brew coffee, he’s either serving his community and Church, training for a crazy obstacle course race, or simply surfing.



That's one of the things that I think in businesses that they don't really focus on and you probably find that with your clients too, is that they focus on revenues, but necessarily profits are a whole different ball game, right?

Growing to a 5 Million Company

If you want to grow to a $5 million company, you have to have certain things in place. In order for the team to work succinctly for you to work on your 80/20 is what I call them the highest leverage activities in your business. And if you want to hit to eight figures plus, and either sell the business or have strategic mergers or acquisitions or whatever, Your strategy or goal is there, you have to have a certain set of ingredients or things in place for the business actually work and not have it just run by your own efforts.

Evergreen Flows

So in evergreen flow the book. Pretty much a one page SOP. So in that one page SOP, we can have a visual diagram for what's an SOP for the people who have done that, their standard operating procedures.

What should the first hire be in your business?

It was interesting a wise man once told me, I don't know whether you'd agree with it or not, but he said the first person you should employ.

Dashboards and Reports

I think you also talked about dashboards and stuff before. What, what do you think is the best kind of way to go about that? But let's say you've got nothing now. What should, what should actions should you really take to get that from, you know, from a point where it actually works for you?

Business is a numbers game

The way that you do business, once you go down to the mathematical side, it's just numbers and businesses comes down to just being a numbers game. At that point, the more you can master the numbers and you have a pretty good grasp on the art. The more success and momentum you'll have. 

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