Welcome to the Evolvepreneur podcast channel. My very special guest today is Brenden Kumarasamy.

Brenden is the founder of MasterTalk, a YouTube channel he started to help the world master the art of public speaking and communication. He coaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs on how to master their message and share their ideas with the world.

Some key topics covered in this episode include:

  • Where did the idea for MasterTalk come from?
  • What’s the biggest challenge with public speaking?
  • What should we start practicing tomorrow for public speaking?
  • Why do we struggle so much with public speaking?
  • How can we present better online?

To find out more about Brenden, visit his Evolvepreneur profile here.

You can also visit his YouTube channel here:

A Short Snippet From This Episode:

John: Welcome Brenden, and I've got to say that's the shortest bio I've ever had, so congratulations on that one.

Brenden: Well, it better be short. I mean, I'm the communication guy, so betters will be concise, right?

John: For sure. Sometimes it's like War & Peace; I get these bios and I wonder, what am I going to cut out of it? Because it's all very interesting, but the trouble is that you end up in a situation where you get caught. So, obviously we're going to talk about stuff to do with public speaking and communication, and I noticed that the only platform that you seem to be on is YouTube, right? So you've single-purposed yourself in one place?

Brenden: Oh, no, I'm on other things like Instagram and on clubhouse too, which is a new platform, but yeah, most of my content is housed on YouTube, you got it,

John: And so how did you get into the game of public speaking, because the old rule is that most people would rather die than do public speaking, so as soon as they get the opportunity to stand in public, that's it. They're gone.

Brenden: Yeah, you know, and, and that was exactly my story. I grew up in Montreal and in Montreal, you need to know to speak French, so my parents looked at me, and they said, buddy, you need to learn the language. So they threw me into a French education system, which of course ended up being the best decision they ever made for me, but the process wasn't too fun. We're already scared of presentations as it is. I had to present in a language I didn't even know. So I would stand up in first or second grade, look at the crowd and go, "Bonnnjuur?" and that was my life for, for most of it. So I totally get where that fear comes from. But what happened was when I went to university, I started doing these things called case competition. Think of it like professional sports, but for nerds.

So, all the guys my age were playing cricket, rugby, footie, or basketball, not really my thing. I applied that same competitive spirit to presentations and that's how I mastered communication. And I got a job in corporate America, and then I just said, "okay, what do I do with my life now?" And that's when I had the idea for MasterTalks, because I realized a lot of the communication knowledge was really bad on the platform.

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