Nichola Zacher


Last seen: 30 Sep 2020


First Name: Nichola
Last Name: Zacher
Business Name: Marley:s Dream
Country: Canada

Meet Nichola.

Nichola Zacher is an inspirational author from St Thomas Ontario Canada who achieved greatness through a unique situation she faced in life. Previous to becoming an author, Nichola worked in the field of caregiving as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) after attending SheridanCollage. Nichola works very hard to help take care of her father Bob who lives with the disease dementia. When first being diagnosed it was a difficult time for Nichola. By continuing to stay positive she found virtue and therapy in a little puppy Marley. This ultimately lead to her inspiration to write her book Marley’s Dream. Nichola’s goal with this book was to genuinely improve the lives of people and their families in similar situations. By writing this book Nichola and her dog Marley have built stronger relationships with the characters featured in her story.When writing, Nichola was confident that her message was strong and needed to be heard. Thismade writing the book easier than originally expected. Her message is simple but a powerful one, always try to have patience, empathy, and most importantly love.In the future make sure to keep an eye out for Marley! With many more books and a television show early in production, Marley’s dream is coming to life and it couldn’t make Nichola any happier

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