Sara Troy


Last seen: 19 Jan 2020


First Name: Sara
Last Name: Troy
Country: Canada

Sara Troy started the “The Art of Positive Living” in 2001 and has been teaching personality self-identity and soul development for over 18 years using tools from 44 years of accumulated knowledge. Sara is also a spiritual counselor by God’s design and who can see the possibilities of your purpose in life and can draw you a map in getting to where you are meant to go, but you have to walk it.  She has an unbridled passion for helping people to live in the full embracement of self in their knowingness.

April 2012 Sara made a personal discovery of self, one that would change her life direction forever. She was presented with an opportunity to host her own talk show on a small blog talk radio station called “Authentic You media” where she hosted her show live for 13 months before going out on her own with her own station “PLV Radio” then Self Discovery Radio now called Self-Discovery Media. Now in her 7th year of hosting this woman has finally found her groove in life, and in just over 86 months she has interviewed more than 1900+ incredible inspirational guests from around the globe on her weekly hour show “Choose Positive Living ”. and “Their Story Matters” and Positive Vibrations Roundtable and so many more genres. Wanting to reach even more listeners, and to bring greater numbers of inspirational people together and share their stories of life she decided to branch out and invite others to host their own shows and to also give opportunities to organizations to host their shows for them giving them a voice on the work and people they are helping, so Sara has presented a new opportunity to a different arena here on Self Discovery Media.

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