What If People Would Actually Pay You For Your Advice? I have a short story for you... About 2 years ago I bought a book called Dotcom Secrets from Russell Brunson
Business owners today are spending a fortune to build a company website with all the bells and whistles. They’re operating under the mistaken belief that “more is better.” In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Websites don’t sell… relationships sell.
Have you ever given any thought as to how your clients make that all important decision as to whether or not they will buy your product or service? What is it EXACTLY that triggers their buy / don’t buy button? Is it really price that controls their decision, or are other factors involved?
When you build a home, you follow the specific steps outlined in the blueprint. And when you do, you build the home of your dreams. This applies to your business as well. In order to build a highly successful and profitable business, you need to develop a business blueprint. As with most home blueprints, there are 3 major considerations that must be addressed to create that dream home
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I have a special announcement today!!!