My name is Scott Capelin. I've written a book called "inShape inLove inSpired". So, what I do is, I work in the health and wellness sector. I own a couple of fitness studios. I'm in the process of franchising those businesses. I suppose, over the last couple of decades, I've felt that it's all well and good to improve your fitness, but the philosophy behind the book is that peak health is the foundation of living a live of abundance.

So, basically, I like to think that I help people get the most out of life, and that all starts with peak health and fitness.

So, in terms of what my life was like before the best seller campaign, probably the biggest challenge I had was procrastination. Writing a book is something I had wanted to do for many years. I felt quite frustrated that I had not done it yet.

I came across John and Evolvepreneur and contacted John, and pretty much right away, I realised I was dealing with the right people.

Now that I've actually achieved a lifelong goal of writing an international #1 bestseller, I can probably say that the biggest positive is that I just feel so pleased, satisfied, and fulfilled with the achievement, and I'm happy also that I can use it in my marketing material. It forms a pretty strong piece of credibility for me to move forward with my career.

In closing, I'd really like to say thank you to John and the team at Evolvepreneur for their help, expertise, and at times, patience, in helping me complete a project that really does encapsulate my life's work.

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