Make Sense of the So-called Nonsense World of Finance

“For Arian to be able to articulate this information at such a young age is a marvel. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of finance.”
— Maksud Agadjani, Founder and CEO of TraxNYC

“The Quantified Fortune helps you see where the buck is going to be. Arian has a keen financial insight, and the fact that he belongs to the future generation should make us take notice of what he says in his book.”
— Captain V. S. Parani, Author of "Golden Stripes: Leadership on the High Seas"

“I am truly impressed with The Quantified Fortune. It is informative and gives you a clear understanding of the principles of investing.”
— Aristos Christofides, Chairman and Executive Director of Trade360

“At a young age, Arian Adeli Koodehi founded Rivo Trading, a trading and investment technology company which was nominated for the Best Trading Technology in 2020 and 2021 by Benzinga. He compiled this book based on the knowledge he gathered on his journey to launch his first company.”

In Chapter 1, we will go through the foundations of the stock market, the different types of shares, ways to generate income from the stock market, and finally, how to identify companies with high potential.

In Chapter 2, we will learn about cryptocurrencies, how they function, how to purchase and store them, and lastly, how their value is determined. Knowing how the value of cryptocurrencies is determined will enable you to easily predict the future price of any cryptocurrency.

We will learn about commodities in Chapter 3; what they are, why they are valuable, different methods of investing in them, and more.

In Chapter 4, we will learn about trading and how you can profit from it. We will study several styles of trading and their characteristics, different types of trading brokers, trading fees, trading tools and how you can employ them to enhance your trading experience.

“The Quantified Fortune” is designed to share several market analysis strategies so that you will be able to accurately analyze any financial market. Therefore, in Chapter 5, we will study market analysis. We will learn about Fundamental Analysis and strategies that enable us to predict the future state and performance of a company. We will also study Technical Analysis and many trading strategies that you can employ to accurately predict future price changes in any financial instrument.

Chapter 6 will cover the importance of risk management and strategies that you can use to effectively manage your capital, control losses, and maximize profits. We will learn about Hedging and the Martingale strategy which allow you to be more strategic, even when the market is not in your favor.

Finally, Chapter 7 will explain the core principle of economics, the supply and demand model, in detail. We will learn about economic principles such as the law of demand and supply, price elasticity and income elasticity, which explain how the society interacts with value and enable you to understand and make better judgements about economic processes in our daily lives.

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