These are divisive times-if we allow them to be. We don't need to conclude that someone's perspective is a reflection of faulty character or a diabolic soul, when it is simply a different perception about community or country or weather. We need not harshly label or yell at each other billions of times a day. That screeches the opportunity to see goodness to a halt.

When we see and do good things, we are changed-even if only in that moment. Our gentler nature arises. I have been fortunate to see pure goodness at work in communities from Alaska to Zimbabwe. I am humbled by and thankful for these experiences, events that triggered questions this book seeks to answer.

Isn't seeing more good and doing more good the best way to find common ground and to unite us?

How far, in terms of space, time, and lives touched, does a single act of goodness ripple out?

What if I shared good ideas by reflecting on the hope and generosity-and the fear and hunger-that I have witnessed in places near and far?

The goal of this book is to illustrate how much good is in the world and the immeasurable impact that one person can have on others. It is easy to bring more goodness to people around you, through simple acts. This book can help you identify those opportunities in your everyday life. This enables each of us individually to build more compassionate cultures. In doing so, we create societies that flourish rather than decay.

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