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Remote and hybrid work is now more than a trend – it’s here to stay. Monumental global shifts have permanently changed how work will be accomplished in the future.

Whether you’re settling into long-term remote work or working hybrid – that is, part-time home, part-time traditional office – this book answers critical questions about the most efficient and effective ways to work remotely.

With 900+ tips, tricks, and techniques for remote/hybrid work in an easy-to-use format, this book covers all bases. It teaches you how to:

  • be more productive
  • enhance team collaboration
  • be resilient and prevent burn-out
  • manage multiple priorities
  • run more effective virtual meetings
  • achieve work-life balance

The authors are two experts in workplace effectiveness who have consulted with IBM, The Pentagon, Goldman-Sachs, The White House, Pfizer, US Navy, AT&T, Bank of America, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and Harvard University.

Grab a copy here: https://evolvepreneur.club/show-book/B098LXMCDM

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