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Every year in the United States, approximately 8,000 families lose a child. That's nearly one child per hour, and this isn't due to war, disease, or famine. Mothers and fathers are losing their children to accidental injuries-most of which can be prevented.

Knowing this fact now puts the responsibility squarely back on us, the parents. This is a problem only we can fix, and that's the purpose of this book: to empower parents with knowledge and a fundamental set of
life-saving skills we all should have.

Author Mark Wilhelmsson lived every parent's worst nightmare when he found his toddler-son choking and unable to breathe. Panicked and with no training, Mark could only watch helplessly as his son tried to clear the blockage on his own. Amazingly, young Markus was able to cough it up on his own, but thousands of parents every year do not get so lucky.

Now a certified CPR instructor by the American Red Cross, Mark shares exactly what every parent needs to do and learn to keep their kids safe, from developing and practicing a fire escape plan to using a portable defibrillator and, of course, rescuing a choking child. More than just an emergency first aid manual, Wilhelmsson presents detailed steps on performing CPR and AED use. Each chapter covers a specific skill and preparedness lesson, including the prevention of that mysterious silent killer, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). These are not fringe skills to be left to first responders and medical personnel; these are the foundational parenting skills that every child should be guarded by.

This book was written primarily for expecting and new parents with children under the age of five; however, what you'll learn in this book can help protect and keep your entire family safe. You'll also learn why parents shouldn't rely on 911 or emergency services to save their children, why everything can be "Googled," but not everything should be "Googled" and SO much more!

Visit www.OurChildsKeeper.com for additional resources, including an unlimited, all-access family pass to our life-saving skills training program and online community.

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