The Trance Traveler is a book about power. The power to change. The power to create a better life. And the power to transform ourselves into better, happier people.

For millennia the healers and leaders of many cultures have used the medium of trance to gain information in order to help their people. The eleven guided trances in this book draw upon this tradition to guide the reader through eleven carefully chosen trance journeys, with the goal of building attitudes, knowledge and skills that foster physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

As a practicing hypnotherapist for many years, Dr. O’Hara has been privileged to assist with and witness many wonderful, if inexplicable, trance journeys into what Carlos Castaneda called “Separate Realities”. It has been his privilege to tag along as the Trance Travelers in his reclining chair left their physical bodies behind to explore other realms of Being, to communicate with deceased loved ones and spirit helpers, and most importantly, to bring back sacred knowledge and profound healing into their lives.

In this innovative book, the narrators bring the discipline of Trance Traveling directly to the listener in the hope of fostering not only personal wellness and spiritual deepening, but also of contributing something toward the evolution of human consciousness toward a more mature, grateful, joyful, and ecologically sustainable way of living on Earth.

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