Part of being an executive is leading companies to success. As such, when an executive is experiencing extreme and prolonged stress, anxiety, isolation, and depression—what I’m calling “executive loneliness”—they often do nothing to address it for fear of appearing unsuccessful.

In turn, not addressing it exacerbates the negative and difficult feelings to the point where it becomes more and more difficult for the person to function. It takes a toll on their whole life, both personal and professional. The reason I know this is that I was an executive who was trapped in serious executive loneliness for several years.

Once I managed to emerge, I made it my mission to draw attention to this typically hidden issue to help the many others who are suffering in silence.I wrote this book to bring to the forefront an honest discussion about:

(1) the pressures of being an executive
(2) the fact that executive loneliness is actually quite common, though typically hidden
(3) the five primary ways an executive can emerge stronger and better from this difficult place

Executive loneliness is an incredibly serious condition and, in some cases, fatal, as I explain in this book. If you suspect that you, yourself, or someone you know is suffering executive loneliness, please read this book to begin the journey of emerging back into the light.

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