One Golden Nugget is proud to announce its latest publication Dubai Business Leaders Volume One in which Steven Foster, The Nugget Collector, goes on an amazing journey to meet the people whose influence powers the Dubai dream.
Steven’s thirst for knowledge is boundless as he reveals the stories of the men and women whose passion and drive are changing the world. Now, for the first time, we can all get a glimpse of how Dubai thinks, adapts, pivots and moves.

Co-Authors: Dariush Soudi, Lucy Chow, Chris Wright, Mahmoud Bartawi, Dr Mariam Shaikh, Dr John Francis, Bijay Shah, Eleni Kitra, Alex Meurer, Katleen Penel, Omar M. Almahmoud, Shamaila Nawaz, Pegah Gol, Lameen & Talha, Nina Seredai-Udalova, Dr Mohammad Nami, Marius Bogdan, Silvia Mogas, Vyara Tosheva.

Spotlights: Haysam Fahmy, Tariq Querishy, Adam Ridgway, Sam Singh, Dr Naim Maadad, Lloyed Lobo, Senem Anataca, Rohit Rajasekharan

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