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Hi, I’m Aly, and this is my book! And I wrote it because of John. I’ll tell you all about it in a minute. So, my name is Alena Norman, and I was born in Russia. I’ve traveled to many different countries and done many different things in search of my personal meaning. And I think I’m getting much closer to understanding what that is. And I’m talking about Energetic Leadership.

So, my search over the years has been for authentic people doing what they love, and I think my journey has been going through all sorts of formal education and trying different professions and industries, from marketing to IT and business development and strategic management, and what it is that is my path and my journey and my key message.

It was very hard for me to know what this message was. It was very deep inside of me, and the more I tried to be normal, the more I tried to study harder, the more difficult it became.

So, about five years ago, when I first discovered a message about a book being a nice tool to tell the world about yourself and what you stand for and who you are and what you believe in. I got very excited, but very quickly, I realised that it’s really difficult to do it by myself. So, it was not until I met John and his team that this actually became a reality.

My biggest challenge when I started writing was actually allowing myself to write exactly what it is that I wanted to say. As crazy as it sounds, I met John five years ago, and I needed all that time to finally get a draft that would really be authentic and would really be the message that I wanted to send out there. It’s funny; I would write something and I would look at it and go, “no, that’s not it. I’m trying to please others,” or, “I’m trying to work out what message other people would like to hear,” and that kept me further and further away from what it is I really wanted to say. And even after I met John, we still had to go through quite a few rounds of me trying to put the draft in, only for me to realise that it is not working still.

So it was very wonderful for me to be supported by John and his team through my process, which took a very long time as I said, until I finally allowed myself to really say exactly what I wanted to say. And it was very special that John was very kind and uninvasive. He was kind of looking out for me; over me; very gently without pushing me necessarily. But because I’ve seen the work that he’s done with other authors and all of his success, I guess that was something that kept me excited and kept me in this state of knowing that one day I will be ready; one day I will be ready.

Until finally, I was free internally. I was free to really speak my mind, and that’s when John beautifully embraced me, and everything else went very smoothly.

I can’t say that there’s only one thing, or which of the things would be the most important thing, but if anything, you can stop repeating something over and over again to people that you meet, because now that I was finally able to speak my mind, I was able to say, “you’re interested in what I have to say? Come and read it here!”

So the fact that finally, something that has been brewing in me for a very long time has crystallised, and it is now very easily distributed and scaled. I think that’s one of the most wonderful things about finally having published it. Beyond all of the other benefits, because frankly, the sheer fact that the book has been published instantaneously created this buzz in my place, and even the people who didn’t know how to talk about me or what I do, suddenly started talking about me, because the book has created this very easy, instantaneous grounding around me. It’s like, “oh, I know who she is, she’s an author. She’s the energetic leadership expert.” Hey, overnight!

Although having said that, the overnight happened after years and years of personal development and the journey, but definitely the feeling of being empowered and being visible is something that I really longed for, and this is such an easy, visible way of being visible.

I wanted to say a big, big, big, huge thank you to Evolve Global Publishing, John and his team, for sticking with me and really holding me, supporting me through the process, motivating me to take the next step, because I’m sure a lot of creators will be able to connect with this message. You get caught up in your creative process, and sometimes you need a little bit of a push in the right direction. And of course, when I put the last draft in, the night before, I even had thoughts that, “maybe it’s not ready, maybe I should change some things…”

But then John said, “no, 19th of November is the launch, woman, there’s no way that’s happening.” And they have been so amazing with absolutely tolerating all of my changes and improvements, and making sure that I am super happy with the result, and I know that this is just the first of many. This is one of the other levels of inspiration that Evolve Global Publishing has given me; it’s stepping into this whole possibility. It’s not just, “oh my gosh, finally this book is here,” but rather, “oh, this first thing is done, but what’s next?” I’m already excited about what’s going to happen next. It’s wonderful; I feel like I’ve finally started this journey and there’s many more to come, adventures with Evolve Global Publishing.

So, thanks so much guys, it’s wonderful to be your client.

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