We wanted to share with you one of our favorite podcasts for two reasons...

Reason #1: If you've ever been in marketing or sales or if you're an entrepreneur or want to do a startup of your own, I'd love for you to subscribe to the podcast of my friend Russell Brunson. Russell started his first online company while he was wrestling at Boise State University.  Within a year of graduating he had sold over a million dollars worth of his own products and services from his basement! For over 12 years now Russell has been starting and scaling companies online.   He is a best selling author, owns a software company (ClickFunnels), a supplement company, a coaching company (DotComSecrets), and is one of the top super affiliates in the world. DotComSecrets was created to help entrepreneurs around the world to start, promote and grow their companies online. ClickFunnels is the tool that makes it all possible. Russell resides in Boise, Idaho with his wife Collette and their 5 children. Russell was seen on this season's of the show "The Profit." He helps startups and businesses to grow. Everyday he does a podcast for about 6 minutes during his commute to his office, talking about what they're doing in their company (which BTW went from startup to over 29,000 ACTIVE paying members in about 2 1/2 years - crazy...)  Anyway, I've got tons of gold from this podcast and I think you will too :-) Click here to subscribe to his podcast on iTunes which has just hit #1 for Marketing and Management https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/marketing-in-your-car/id1191617599 

BUT... Reason #2... The other cool thing is that he actually pre-loaded the first 257 episodes of his podcast on an mp3 player that you can get for free. (Well, you need to cover $10 shipping and handling.) But I just got one and I'm waiting for it to show up. I thought you might want one as well.

CLICK HERE to get free mp3 player... CLICK HERE to get free mp3 player...

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