Blood Sapphire's Revenge

book cover


Author Name: Bruce Farmer

Character driven. Action-packed. Boiling over with tension and angst.

Blood Sapphire's Revenge is military thriller inspired by the genre that brought us Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher. In a globe-spanning tale of adventure, this gripping story full of twists and turns, and secrets from the grave that may just trigger the end of the world, will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Dr. Bruce Farmer has created an arresting story that follows
Haddy Abrams, a dauntless female warrior full of determination and boldness as she resolutely battles both personal demons and a heinous villain out to destroy the world. And yet, secretly, in her dreams, there is a man. A mysterious man she only met eyes with so many years ago – and who seems more a ghost than anything else, now.

After shooting a notorious Islamic extremist in the Hadhramaut Mountains of Yemen with a record-setting sniper shot, Israel Defense Force Staff Sergeant Abrams finds herself in the crosshairs of a diabolical Eastern European oligarch known only as “X”. Haddy narrowly survives a targeted assassination attempt, but this only fuels her determination. Still traumatized by the attempt on her life, Haddy sets off to settle the score, even as she is plagued by inner demons set on destroying her before she gets there.

Across the globe, the dreams of New York City police detective
Wolf James are haunted by visions of a mysterious, dark-eyed woman he once encountered while summiting Mount Rainier in Washington state. Assigned to a covert training operation in the Ukraine and on the eve of his wedding day, Detective James suddenly finds himself face-to-face with the mysterious female warrior, who has captivated his dreams for months. He soon finds himself working with her – with no hesitation.

Painstakingly researched, Dr. Farmer has created a novel full of intrigue, mystery, and moments of nail-biting complexity. The plot revolves around the strong, determined characters of Haddy and Wolf, a man and a woman who resolve to fight to save the world from Armageddon – all the while hoping to find a moment, just a moment, for themselves.


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