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Author Name: Lisa Eleni,Melissa Kim Corter

Take Flight: The Magic of Reframing Your Experiences to Live an Empowered Life is not just a book; it's an invitation to unlock your uniqueness and experience the boundless joy of living authentically.

In the pages within, you'll find a relatable and friendly voice sharing personal experiences of struggle and triumph. Get ready to shed those layers of self-doubt and societal expectations as Lisa Eleni fearlessly unveils her path toward embracing her unique self. As the journey unfolds, you will be inspired to reflect on your own life and use tools to shift the perspective of your personal experiences for an opportunity to shine your inner light.

With candid introspection, Lisa reveals the keys to unlocking your true potential - trust your feelings, shift your mindset, and honor yourself! Throughout these captivating pages, you'll find universal themes that connect deeply with your life: finding your voice, self-care, love, conquering fears, and setting boundaries.

Like a soaring kite, you'll learn how to navigate life's ups and downs with balance and grace while trusting in Divine guidance and your inner strength. You'll feel the weight of the past lift as you embrace the present and release the need to control so you can welcome the guidance of the Universe, allowing your dreams to take flight!


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