Why Record An Audiobook?

It’s no secret that audio is hot. Take a look at the explosive  growth in the podcasting industry and you’ll realize that the advent of consuming content via audio is here. Everyone is listening to podcasts or audiobooks on their smartphone while they’re working out in the gym, or commuting to work in their car or in the subway. It’s an easy way to consume content, and more people are using this form as their preferred way of “reading”.

Why, then, have audiobook sales skyrocketed?

Here’s a list of the top 3 reasons:

  1. Easy To Consume: almost 100 million Americans drive to work each day, with a total average commute time of over 50 minutes. On average, most novellas are around 40,000 to 50,000 words, and audiobook recordings are read at the rate of about 9,000 words per hour. Think about it: That’s one book consumed per week just while driving in the car! Don’t forget about listening to audiobooks while grocery shopping, in the gym, walking the dog, doing housework, etc.,
  2. Smartphones and tablets: With the advent of high speed wireless networks across the nation, people can purchase and download audiobooks easily and start listening immediately, etc.
  3. Audio brings your book to life: A strong subset of readers prefer audiobook content above all other ways of consuming content, and for a good reason: A well-read audiobook brings another dimension to a book. It’s the same reason why movie versions of books are so  incredibly popular—the book is brought to life. Audio does much of the same, and more and more people are discovering this way of consuming books.

Get started recording your own audiobook today and make more money with your book starting NOW!

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