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Special offer to our readers of "Everything You Know About Marketing is Wrong!"

Grab our 100% Free Bonuses valued at thousands of dollars

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Special offer to our readers of "Everything You Know About Marketing is Wrong!"

Grab our 100% Free Bonuses valued at thousands of dollars which include:

  • Goal Setting Think Sheets
  • 3 Part Marketing Strategies Video Series
  • 3 Part Video series
    • How to Create a Lead Capturing Business Card
    • How We Create Your Elevator Pitch Using Our Four-Part Process.
    • How To Create a Prospect Capturing Landing Page
  • 10 Part Audio & Workbook Series including 
    • Creating your Market Dominating Position 1 & 2
    • How Target Customers Decide To Buy What You Sell
    • How To Identify Low Hanging Fruit
    • How To Identify Your Perfect Target Market
    • How To Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking
    • How We Raise Our Prices Without Losing A Single Customer
    • How We Use Compelling Incentives
    • How We Create So Much Added Value In Our Business
  • Goal Setting for Life and Freedom Course
  • Entrepreneurs Guide to Focus
  • Massive Motivation
  • Entrepreneurial Success Course
  • Success Habits
  • A day pass to the Evolvepreneur Summit
  • 4 Complete Sample Marketing Portfolios to Model (Chiropractor, Financial Planner, Lawn Mowing and Plumber)
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Joan Kent

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

A terrific step-by-step marketing system

This book is for people like me! We’re good at what we do but don’t necessarily know how to get our ideal clients to see us as the first, and most logical, choice. John North teaches a simple, 5-step plan for building a successful business. His insights present a clear picture of what our marketing should – and shouldn’t – look like, based on proven and tested strategies.

While the current trend toward branding may work for large corporations, it can be costly and not worth the expense for smaller businesses. "Everything You Know About Marketing Is Wrong" debunks such common marketing myths. It focuses instead on how-tos for waking up and engaging prospects by discovering and addressing their real needs. North offers practical and specific advice for leveraging what we’re already doing and improving the results – making more money for the same time and money invested.

I recommend this book for entrepreneurs who want a sound plan for attracting eager, qualified prospects who can, and will, benefit from their service and gladly pay for it.

Rosemarie Ballmer

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

A simply great and wide-ranging book about marketing!

I've read a few books about marketing recently, as I'm currently setting up a new coaching course myself. This one helped me to get a clearer concept for my own marketing while I was reading it. I found myself tending to use generalized jargon in my marketing, which does not help me to emphasize the clear value of my offer and does not help my potential clients to differentiate me from the vast majority of other providers, but effectively makes me invisible. At the beginning of the book, John North presents in detail his “conversion equation,” how to attract the attention of potential clients with his marketing. What John North shares in his book not only makes one hundred percent sense, it has all hand and foot and has already been tried and tested thousands of times. His tips on how to position yourself as an authority in your field are invaluable! Social media presence and marketing, search engine optimization, websites as automatic sales machines, emails, elevator pitches, networks, and so on... John North has filled the book to the brim with everything you need to successfully market your business - regardless of whether you're just getting started or simply want to position yourself better and increase your profits. I will pick up this book again and again!!!

Amazon Customer

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

Great book

Excellent cover of all marketing aspects. An easy read.


Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

Every chapter offers helpful tips and examples from 'the trenches'

I love the compelling title and how the author goes into great detail showing us what there is to Marketing and why he makes this claim. A book to be used as a step by step guide for business owners like me. Every chapter offers helpful tips and examples from 'the trenches', this is real, not something theoretical but actually from someone who's 'been there, done that' and helps clients get their marketing right. Highly recommended reading

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