Karen Phillip is a Counselling Psychotherapist; Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Parenting and Relationship Expert on television, radio and print media both here and overseas. She is an International Author and Key Note Speaker.

As a therapist for the past two decades working with individuals, couples and workplace conflict, Karen was presented with similar communication issues that arose frequently. Karen worked to develop the innovative strategies in this book to help everyone eliminate all conflict from every conversation. Using these ground-breaking methods quickly creates connection and resolution.

Karen is a Counselling Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and prominent communication expert

One of Australia's leading therapists, educating and helping people live harmonious and happy lives as they learn to remove the conflict and drama to communicate effectively. The whole idea of communication is to share with others what you feel, want or need. When this fails, frustration and anger erupt.

When we try to stop or correct behaviour without understanding the unsustainable environment that exists, it doesn’t work. Learning these vital steps to change existing habits is essential to thrive.

Karen also now presents many training seminars in workplaces to increase productivity, lower sick leave and create a more autonomous workplace environment. The improved sales and productivity levels are a bonus.

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