Hi, my name is Karen Phillip, and I'm the author of Communication Harmony, that Evolve Global Publishing published for me a few months ago.

What my life was like before Evolve Global Publishing was, I guess a bit lost. I had all this information that I wanted to share with the community and the public that I knew would be beneficial for them, and I did have an experience with the last book that I wrote that wasn't all that positive. So, when I contacted John at Evolve Global Publishing and went through all the steps that he goes through with all of his authors, I started to feel more comfortable and confident that the strategies he was using would actually work this time against what didn't work last time.

And the whole process was step-by-step, very clear, made very precise, very transparent and open, and the editors he used and the information he provided was absolutely first-class. I was really, really happy with the process.

The biggest breakthrough I've had is that I've become more positioned as an expert in the area that I've concentrated on, both in studies and practical work over the years: communication. Communication between couples, with children, and with work colleagues.

A lot of my colleagues now have purchased the book and are reading strategies that can help them, and it has just given me that level of expertise; recognition as an expert in the field, which is really, really great.

Anyone that's considering writing a book; particularly a self-help book, I would really strongly suggest that you contact John at Evolve Global Publishing. He can discuss with you the steps. He can help you formulate your book, give you plenty of suggestions, from getting the wording right to editing, the cover. Even the title of the book - the title I chose originally was completely different from the title we ended up with.

So, anyone that's interested in becoming an authority in the field and wanting to share their information and their knowledge, I strongly suggest that you give John at Evolve Global Publishing a call.

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