In the quiet pre-dawn hours of an otherwise ordinary day, a groundbreaking idea sparked to life—an idea that couldn’t wait until morning.

This wasn’t just any thought; it was the kind that changed the course of careers and redefined professional landscapes.

Later that day, I shared this vision with several business networking groups, presenting it as a “beta” concept.

Their immediate approval confirmed it: I had a winning concept.

A New Era of Publishing For Us: Customized Multi-Author Books

At Evolve, with over 35 years of business experience, we have perfected a blueprint—a fail-proof strategy for creating #1 International Bestselling books. Our newest initiative extends beyond traditional publishing paradigms.

It offers professionals across various industries the unique opportunity to lead a custom book project, one that is designed around their specific expertise and network.

What Does This Mean for You?

Imagine participating in and managing a book project that highlights the combined knowledge and skills of your professional network.

This project isn’t just about putting words on paper; it’s about crafting a best-selling book that resonates with your brand and addresses your audience.

Customizing Content to Reflect Your Vision

One of the core features of our Multi-Author Book Blueprint is the customization it offers.

As a Book Leader, you decide the theme, cover and internal design and select up to 10 contributors who can add value and depth to the book.

This could include business partners, clients, or industry peers, each bringing their unique insights into your collective publication.

Streamlined Process, Tangible Benefits

  • No Upfront Costs: Launch into the role of a Book Leader with no financial burden by bringing together a group of handpicked contributors.

  • Financial Incentives: Receive a significant reward for assembling your team, along with a 30% royalty on ongoing book sales.

  • Global Reach: We will publish your book on major platforms like Amazon, making it available in various formats—eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers—ensuring worldwide accessibility.

  • Guaranteed Success: We promise your book will achieve #1 International Best Seller status, using our proven marketing strategies and extensive distribution network.

  • Being the first listed author and opening the book will elevate your profile, giving you visibility and credibility as a leader in your field.

Why Is This More Than Just a Book?

This initiative is more than a publishing project; it’s a strategic business development and networking tool.

Creating a book focused on your expertise and network improves your professional image and offers something valuable to your peers and clients.

The book becomes a platform for sharing knowledge, a tool for engagement, and a means of leaving a lasting legacy.

Are You Ready to Lead?

If you’re ready to step into a role that will transform your professional identity and expand your influence, this is your opportunity.

You are not just joining a book project; you are leading a movement.

This book offers you the chance to leverage your network, exchange stories, overcome challenges, and celebrate successes.

Together, we can create a powerful narrative that inspires the industry.

We are here to support you every step of the way—from ideation to publication and beyond.

If you’re ready to turn your early morning inspiration into a bestselling reality, join us at Evolve Global Publishing.

Discover more about how you can lead this innovative project by visiting

This isn’t just an invitation to write; it’s an invitation to lead, to inspire, and to make an impact. Let’s create something remarkable together.

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